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  • Best Mini- Short



(Quentin Lestienne)

Synopsis: Insolite is a character shut in a room. He's looking to escape from his daily life.


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  • Best Short-Fiction Film



(Cortez Mack, Daniel Merrick)

Synopsis: a story about a 40 year old black man suffering from mental illness

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  • Best Short – Documentary

The Best Medicine

The Best Medicine.jpg

(Maxwell Mueller)

Synopsis: A meditation on the relationship between an older woman with dementia and her caregiving daughter-in-law.

The Best Medicine

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  • Best Web Series

Year Zero, The Series-The Beginning, Time Trip -Time Travel and Quantum Death

Year Zero, The Series-The Beginning, Time Trip -Time Travel and Quantum Death.jpg

(Isaac Rodriguez)

Synopsis: A soldier gets sent back in time where he gets lost in an unknown place and time.

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  • Best Music Video

I Am The Candidate

I Am The Candidate.jpg

(George Ohan)

Synopsis: Political Satire

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  • Best Short - Experiment



(Joby Varghese)

Synopsis: The changes brought by time in human relations. The dissonances in such changes..And journey of a man that transcends place and time, seeking a solution for those dissonances...

Trailer of VUJA DE

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  • Best Actress



Award goes to: "Lucy Aarden"

(Eben Skilleter)

Synopsis: A young woman involved with a much older man sees their relationship in a stark new light when he shows her a house intended for their trysts.

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  • Best Director

Donna On The Go: STAIRS

Donna On The Go STAIRS.jpg

(Peggy Lane)

Synopsis: Donna On The Go: STAIRS is a wordless story of a woman who uses a walker arriving at a set of Stairs. They are impossible for her to climb with the walker so she looks down and sees a handicapped ramp about a block long. And so begins her journey.

Trailer of Donna On The Go: STAIRS

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  • Best Original Score

What I want to say, Burn! *

What I want to say, Burn!.jpg

(Luís Damas)

Synopsis: What I see,
Is Poetry recited
with the Body.

Anchor 10
  • Best Student Film

Always Check your Fly

Always Check your Fly.jpg

(Colton Nicholaus Suggs)

Synopsis: A teen attempts to approach a girl at a pool hall that ends terribly wrong.

Always Check your Fly

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  • Best Comedy

Bruce Wayne Begins

Bruce Wayne Begins.jpg

(Kevin Ruiz)

Synopsis: We all know the story of Batman, but this is the story of how Bruce Wayne becomes the charming playboy he is today.

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  • Best Dark Comedy



(Jillian Vitko)

Synopsis: Dark comedy meets rom-com about a woman who, while spending the evening alone, decides to bake up a date for Valentine's Day.

Trailer of HoneyDough

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  • Best Sci-Fi



(Kim Casey, Michael A. Stevens, Megan Margiotti, Liz Muller & C. E. Simon)

Synopsis: As the final step to a literal life-altering process, a woman with an ambiguously difficult past undergoes an evaluation with an unconventional therapist and decides if erasing her memory will allow her the blank slate she thinks she needs to survive.

Anchor 14
  • Best Child Actor (5-12)



Award goes to: "Ava Caryofyllis"

(Isabella Andronos)

Synopsis: A young girl challenges an online fairy party entertainer to prove that magic is real.

Official Selection // Street Side Cinema, Winston-Salem, 2021
Official Selection // Cinema in Sneakers Film Festival for Children and Youth, 2021
Official Selection // Independent Producers Indie Film Festival, 2021


Anchor 15
  • Best Romantic Film

Love Theory

Love Theory.jpg

(SB Gamble)

Synopsis: A group of friends are forced to deal with their romantic feelings towards one another after they are trapped during a winter storm.

Anchor 16
  • Special Mentioned Film Award



(Piero Cannata)

Synopsis: The wind in your hair, a distant music, the sound of the sea. Just a summer day.

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