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  • Mini- Short Film

The Zoom Date

The Zoom Date.jpg

(Helen McKenzie Ross)

Synopsis: Tired of dating jerks, a woman tries ‘Zoom Dating’. She discovers being true to herself brings out the individuality in others.


"The Zoom Date"

Anchor 2
  • Short Film - Fiction Film



(Adam Gutierrez)

Synopsis: Two thieves get blackmailed into digging up dead bodies.

Anchor 3
  • Short Film - Non Fiction Film


Alles hat Grenzen NUR DER MONDFISCH NICHT.jpg

(Sylvia Eckermann & Gerald Nestler)

Synopsis: "Alles hat Grenzen, NUR DER MONDFISCH NICHT" is an environmental film musical, in which nature acts and speaks in a diversity of voices. Surfacing evocatively from micro- and macrocosmic layers, she resonates with water as the source of life and resounds as exploited resource. She echoes from the trenches of an inverted world and speaks out as a human being. Reverberating through ecological-cultural depths, images, sounds and associations push to light, giving shape to a vision of humanity being in tune with nature.

Anchor 4
  • Short Documentary Film

Silver Pill

Silver Pill.jpg

(Nousha Saidi)

Synopsis: A young Iranian woman has attempted suicide by using Aluminum Phosphate pills, used commonly for rice weevils.
We accompany her to hospital, in hopes of learning about her reasons for making such a drastic decision and to see if she will survive?
Is there any room for regret?

Trailer of "Silver Pill"

Anchor 5
  • Short Animation Film



(Ryanna Kim)

Synopsis: A mermaid is missing her friend. But when a stranger is dropped into her life, will she accept a new hand in friendship?

Anchor 6
  • Short LGBTQ Film

Found Family

Found Family.jpg

(Esmée Lavalette)

Synopsis: Found Family follows teenager Elyse trying to navigate coming out to her homophobic parents and wanting to meet her long distance girlfriend for the first time.

Anchor 7
  • Short Experiment Film



(Joshua Collins)

Synopsis: a man suddenly loses his taste and smell.

Anchor 8
  • Best Actor

The Dark Caller

The Dark Caller.jpg

Award goes to: Danny Hayden

(Erik Herrera & Danny Hayden)

Synopsis: Charlie calls Damon by mistake, and the calls keep coming...

Anchor 9
  • Best Director

Milas Tagebuch (Milas Diary)

Milas Tagebuch (Milas Diary).jpg

(Gabriel Da Silva)

Synopsis: A little girl writes all the events of bullying to her friend in a diary. She gives the diary to her teacher. Unaware, it triggers a chain reaction.

"Milas Tagebuch (Milas Diary)"

Anchor 10
  • Best Art Film

A House of Fox

A House of Fox.jpg

(Hirokazu Fukawa)

Synopsis: “A House of Fox” is a contemporary folklore that inspired by an old short Japanese comic story by Katsura Beichou. Fox crosses a boundary between woods and human habitation and interact with people unlike any other animals but more humanly way. Fox is a messenger of “Dakini,” originally. However, it mixed up “Inari” which is native religion of Japan. There are so many Japanese folklores have stories of fox and those often depict fox as a deceptive animal. Fox tricks people and, in return, fox is tricked by people. People believes fox is intelligent as human and transforms into human. This is another urban folklore.

Anchor 11
  • Best Drama Film

Vengeance Saloon

Vengeance Saloon.jpg

(James E Blackburn)

Synopsis: A stranger rides into an abandoned Western town after receiving a threatening letter. He rides in looking for trouble only to find that trouble is looking for him.

Anchor 12
  • Best Comedy Film

Never Mime

Never Mime.jpg

(Joe Griffenberg)

Synopsis: A Mime tries to find love only to find he isn't exactly the girl's type.

Anchor 13
  • Best Crime Film

The Big Apple Grind


(Bruno Taniguchi)

Synopsis: A mystery writer is laboring over his new crime novel involving a cop, the cop's wife and the wife's jazz musician lover. Set to swing music, it doesn't end happily.

"The Big Apple Grind"

Anchor 14
  • Best Sci-Fi

Wasteland: A Dream

Wasteland A Dream.jpg

(Dan Smith)

Synopsis: Pauline and Lance were the only ones left after the corporate war. Alone together in the wasteland.

"Wasteland: A Dream"

Anchor 15
  • Best Trailer

The Box in the Basement Trailer (w/Logos)

The Box in the Basement Trailer.jpg

(Mike Fox)

Synopsis: Avery’s life sucks.

With the passing of her little brother, bullies at school, parents arguing at home, teacher on her case, friends no longer friends, only Amy her best friend and escaping reality helps her cope.

Until she learns about a Box and a Cube with power, whatever that means.

She quickly finds out this Cube has the power to transport her to her own future – and from what she’s seen, her future looks AMAZING. What would stop her from teleporting there, like… now?

But is that the right choice to make? Some choices are not easy choices, and Avery will need to make the right one. Not only for her own life, but for all the people in her life she knows and cares about.

Anchor 16
  • Best Child Actor (5y - 12Y)

Milas Tagebuch (Milas Diary)

Milas Tagebuch (Milas Diary).jpg

Award goes to: Sarah Mantel

(Gabriel Da Silva)

Synopsis: A little girl writes all the events of bullying to her friend in a diary. She gives the diary to her teacher. Unaware, it triggers a chain reaction.

"Milas Tagebuch (Milas Diary)"

Anchor 17
  • Best Romantic Film

Love Comes Quietly


(George Kostopoulos)

Synopsis: Karolina Andersson sings a song called "Love Comes Quietly.

"Love Comes Quietly"

Anchor 18
  • Best Women's Film

Rumi's Rumba


(George Kostopoulos)

Synopsis: Professor Johnson, a college poetry professor, lectures his students on a poem by Rumi. When class finishes, one of the students, Olivia, approaches the professor with a question about the poem. This leads into a romantic fantasy musical sequence. Conflict arises soon after when Dean Cox and his secretary, Miss Flannigan, accuse Professor Johnson of exploiting Olivia.

"Rumi's Rumba"

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